Reclaim Your Smile With Implant Dentistry

Our team at Smiles of Hyattsville is dedicated to giving you the beautiful, confident smile you deserve. We pride ourselves on modern, comprehensive Implant Dentistry that includes placement, restoration, and comprehensive care. You'll love your smile again -- we guarantee it. Dr. Deepa is skilled and experienced with Implant Dentistry. Get replacement teeth that look and feel natural, right here in Hyattsville.

High-Quality, Affordable Dental Implants

We believe that everyone deserves a complete and confident smile. The first step is a consultation -- call us or fill out the short form on your screen and we'll contact you about how our professional dentistry services and revolutionary implant treatments can help you. Dr. Deepa will discuss your smile goals, your budget, and help you make the right choice about your Dental Implants. Smiles of Hyattsville has given patients from around Hyattsville and @ThirdTargetArea get bright, beautiful, and authentic smiles. Now it's your turn!

The benefits of Dental Implants:

What Are Your Dental Implant Treatment Options?

At your initial consultation, we'll review whether your gum and jawbone are strong enough to support Dental Implants. If not, we can still help! Treatments to strengthen your bone and gums can help prepare your mouth to receive Dental Implant surgery. Bone grafts and sinus lifts are often performed on patients who are not currently candidates for implants -- after you heal, you'll be able to reclaim your confidence with a fresh, brand new smile and!

An Artificial Tooth Root

Once you're approved for implant surgery, the placement process will begin. Dr. Deepa will make a small incision in your gumline, insert a titanium rod in the opening, and create the foundation for your new implant. Once your gums and jaw heal, the implant will bond with your jawbone, enabling it to act as an artificial tooth root. Your radiant new smile is underway!

Single & Full-Arch Dental Implants

Whether you are missing one or multiple teeth, we have restorative and implant options that will work for your specific needs! After your consultation, Dr. Deepa will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan for replacing your teeth. No matter your needs, we're proud to serve our Hyattsville community by providing expert, compassionate care at Smiles of Hyattsville.

Renew Your Smile With All-On-4

If you're in need of a full smile replacement, we offer All-On-4. This treatment can restore your natural bite and smile and involves using a minimal number of Dental Implants to attach permanent restorations. Stroll @SecondTargetArea or enjoy downtown Hyattsville with confidence -- it starts with your healthy, natural new smile!

Comprehensive Implant Dentistry: Placements & Restorations

Because Dr. Deepa is an implant specialist, we can take care of your Dental Implants in-house, from start to finish. Smiles of Hyattsville will be with your every step of the way! From your initial consultation to your aftercare, we offer professional guidance, compassionate care, and personalized treatment. Call today and see for yourself why we're Hyattsville's choice for implant dentistry!

Mini Implants

If you're missing smaller teeth or incisors, we offer mini implants as replacement options. Dr. Deepa is happy to talk to you about your needs, your options, and how Smiles of Hyattsville can best serve you. Simply call us or fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

Hyattsville's Best Choice For Dental Implants

Missing teeth can take their toll on your health and confidence. That's why Smiles of Hyattsville is dedicated to providing you with the most efficient, high-quality care in Hyattsville, with ample comforts and amenities to keep you comfortable throughout your visit.